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- Letter from Donald
- Hugh Tucker reflects on Dions Channel swim.

Firstly, many thanks to Hugh and John from Aquatrails as well as Jean from CISonline for putting up this site for me.

I was reading back on a letter I wrote for the masters news letter after completing my Blouberg - Robben Island - Double, entitled, 'learning to crawl before you can walk', and even though the event is a year old the content is as real today.

My crawling, no pun intended, started with a Robben island to Blouberg crossing in 2003. I was in my infant stage until the next year were a Simonstown to Muizenberg swim had me walking tall and into the books of long distance swimming. The momentum of completing the double in 2004 fueled the enthusiasm to sprint as a long distance swimmer and the goals were set higher. Seconding Hugh on his successful solo laid the foundation to wanting to be the 19th South African to swim England to France across one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world - the English Channel !

I leave on 25 July 2005 with a first slot swim on the 28 July to 8 August neap tide, the water temperature is rising steadily and if the Gods are pleased with me and I have good weather I feel I have what it takes to be successful.

Juggling training with running a busy Veterinary Hospital and time with the family, has left little time for anything else. Intact getting into the right head space to do a 36km swim means many activities have to be on the back burner, and life becomes the Channel.

I have been blessed with some sponsors especially "Cape Holiday Destinations", "Hills Pet Nutrition"' and "Houtbay cellular". Many friends and clients are to numerous to mention have all made financial contributions to help me make my dream come true.

Many, Many thanks to all of you.

Dion Woodborne