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Thank you!

Otto Tanning: For being a good friend with solid advise and always ready to train in any weather or water conditions.

Garry Freeling: For teaching us how to stretch before and after every training session. Great training, positive attitude and individual attention. Every swimmer looks forward to their house of pain because the training was fun and with plenty of laughs. Also advised on correct eating and vitamins. Really a complete coach.

Margo King: Everybody in the training sessions works very hard for her. Always enthusiastic and new routines made her hour trains easy and for pushing everybody just that little bit further each length.

Kevin Fialkov: My number one trainer for long distance swimmers. Good at improving stroke technique, breathing and kicking. Understands how to train long distance swimmers, as he is one himself.

Sarah Matthews: Good swimming friend who is always ready to train come sun or rain.

Simon Childs: Has the ability to train harder than anybody else and this makes him the ideal training partner.

Ed Nesse: Helped me with fatigue and explained it in a kind way that as you get older, your body needs more rest and a lot more card.

Chris Osmand: To give me another change is really big hearted of you and of course your team. Hope you will come to South Africa for a good holiday.

Carina Bruwer : Thanks for always being willing to train.